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Sea Stalker 2000


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September 2003

September looks like the month for everthing. Fluke will be bigger than ever. Bottom fishing will be real good, too. Blues will be around & good size too. Weakfish are also going to start being here. When you book you trip just tell us what you what to fish for.

October 2003

October looks like the month to start trolling for Stripers.  Bottom fishing will still be great, provided the weather holds.  Fluke season ends October 13th, so book early. Keep checking back with us to see how it looks.



Our rates are very reasonable. Everthing is included, except food & beverages. If cancelled a trip may be rescheduled, conditions permitting. Call Captain Bill at 908-917-7522 or e-mail us for information.

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Thanks for visiting our site, see you in the Atlantic!